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Bringing Compassion and Humanity into Business

Companies that develop emotional connections with all their stakeholders add value for all and gain share of heart, not just share of wallet.

Successful companies in the 21st Century have corporate visions which focus on a broader purpose than just wealth generation, they adopt a servant-leadership model, they acknowledge broader societal responsiblities and demonstrate a commitment to exemplary corporate citizenship.

We can help you build

  • a loyal customer base through recognising both spoken and unspoken contracts

  • engaged employees by meeting their needs in the workplace

  • happy investors with a focus on returns in the long term

  • strong partnerships through skillfully blending inputs to achieve elegant harmonies; and

  • strong links with your community and society – your ultimate stakeholder.

How we do it

Unleash your Potential

By developing a strong partnership based on trust I can help you to develop your potential through coaching and building your emotional intelligence.

I offer one to one coaching and personalized leadership development programmes.

Developing a Culture that Builds Success

Culture is increasingly becoming a source of competitive advantage as values-driven organisations move to the fore. I am able to support you to define and proactively manage your organisation’s culture to add value and achieve your objectives.

I offer an inclusive and proven approach to measuring and shaping an organisation’s culture.

Create Highly Engaged & Performing Teams

Successful businesses are based on highly performing teams. People tend to leave poor teams even if the organisaiton is successful.

I can help you create the psychological safety within your business so that your people find work joyous and purposeful and where they love being present and being their best.

These are essential ingredients for creating highly engaged and high performing teams.

Our Success

Companies that develop emotional connections with all their stakeholders.

Jon provided excellent assistance to the Guernsey Registry when we were refreshing our values, vision, mission and objectives.
The process involved Jon and the Registry working actively with external and internal stakeholders to understand their views on the Guernsey Registry. Jon assisted with devising a questionnaire, facilitating stakeholder focus groups in an inclusive manner with supporting follow up workshops to refine our values, vision, mission and objectives. Jon worked alongside senior staff to ensure the whole process was completed professionally and in a timely manner.
As a result of this work the Registry now has revised values, vision, mission and objectives which have buy in form a varied set of stakeholders

Mat Desforges, Guernsey Registry
The Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney worked through the Barrett Values Tool with Jon in 2017, Jon is an engaging and thoughtful facilitator who manages the big values based issues with care and compassion. I would highly recommend the service to anyone considering a review of their organisation culture and values
Kerstin Neason, Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney