A bespoke management consultancy providing innovative services to private & corporate clients.

I draw upon latest management thinking and research, scientific evidence, digital technology and ancient wisdoms to offer holistic and personalised solutions.

I have worked in the public and private sector over my 30 year career.  For the past 11 years I have held senior leadership posts in Guernsey’s civil service leading Commerce & Employment, Education, Sport and Culture and Environment and Infrastructure.  Throughout my entire career I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly within organisations. I have been fortunate to work with some inspirational colleagues and leaders, but I have also seen toxic working environments where staff have been disengaged with low morale.

Driven by my passion for conscious capitalism and a mission to promote corporate kindness. I am committed to help people and businesses reach their goals by thinking differently.

I work with business leaders to inspire positive transformation and bring out the best in those around them. Successful businesses have to find their higher purpose and add value to all their stakeholders. At a time when everything we have ever known about business may be wrong, the opportunities to change our relationship to work are infinite.

My purpose is simply to help you on a journey of exploration and self-discovery which will make this world a better place.