Creating Successful Teams

  • To help people cope with the uncertainty and anxiety of organizational change;

  • Allowing people to focus on their shared goals; and

  • Delivering high levels of employee engagement.

Research has shown that psychological safety is by far the most important key dynamic affecting the performance of teams. Wherever there were highly performing teams you find high levels of trust and psychological safety.

How I help you create successful teams

Through questionnaires, observation and structured interviews I will conduct an initial assessment to determine the level of psychological safety within the area you want to focus on. This provides the framework for the next three stages of work:

  • Setting the stage with the focus on setting expectations and emphasizing the purpose of the project;
  • Inviting participation and demonstrating situational humility, practice of inquiry and setting up structures and processes for input and discussion; and finally
  • Responding productively by expressing appreciation and destigmatizing failure which sets an orientation towards continuous learning.

By increasing the psychological safety within your teams:

  • knowledge and innovation will grow as you encourage inter-personal risk taking.
  • your people will be able to speak up with relevant ideas, questions and concerns and where colleagues trust and respect each other and feel able to be candid.
  • Your people will be able to engage in open and authentic communication that shines the light on problems, mistakes and opportunities for improvement whilst at the same time increasing the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Our Success

Companies that develop emotional connections with all their stakeholders.

Jon provided excellent assistance to the Guernsey Registry when we were refreshing our values, vision, mission and objectives.
The process involved Jon and the Registry working actively with external and internal stakeholders to understand their views on the Guernsey Registry. Jon assisted with devising a questionnaire, facilitating stakeholder focus groups in an inclusive manner with supporting follow up workshops to refine our values, vision, mission and objectives. Jon worked alongside senior staff to ensure the whole process was completed professionally and in a timely manner.
As a result of this work the Registry now has revised values, vision, mission and objectives which have buy in form a varied set of stakeholders

Mat Desforges, Guernsey Registry
The Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney worked through the Barrett Values Tool with Jon in 2017, Jon is an engaging and thoughtful facilitator who manages the big values based issues with care and compassion. I would highly recommend the service to anyone considering a review of their organisation culture and values
Kerstin Neason, Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney