24th February 2020 9am-mid day at the Digital Greenhouse, St Peter Port

What if some of the basic management practices we accept as best practice aren’t actually that helpful in the workplace?  For example, we crave feedback in order to improve.  We are told strategic planning is essential for success and we have detailed annual planning cycles to follow.  We are told our competencies can be measured and our weaknesses need to addressed through our appraisal processes.  But what if these traditional approaches and beliefs were fundamentally flawed?  What if perceived wisdom was just dogma?

As human beings we bring levels of complexity to our workplaces which traditional management practice fails to address.  There is a tension between our inherent complexity as people and  and our organisations’ desire for control. This need for control drives simplicity in the management practices we adopt within business.   It’s unsurprising that control and simplicity prevail. As a consequence, some of the ways we run our businesses and manage our people can have the effect of draining our energy, causing dysfunction at work and creating frustration in our daily working lives.

Making Work Better” is an engaging and interactive short course that seeks to encourage you to question a number of traditional management approaches with the intention of  helping you unleash the potential of your staff.  The approach is based on acknowledging and celebrating our own individual uniqueness and potential.  The ideas in the course provide a framework to make work more engaging and help to create an environment of highly motivated people working effectively in high performing teams.  If you want to keep and attract talent in an increasingly competitive labour market – “Making Work Better” will help you develop strategies for the future.

If you want to make work better for yourself and your team whilst at the same time increasing the effectiveness and productivity for your company, register at Eventbrite to book a place on this enjoyable and thought provoking course which will encourage you to be a free thinker and challenge some of your assumptions about management.