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1311, 2019

The Art of Listening – Missed Opportunities

Are you a good listener? If we are honest, many of us will admit that it is not uncommon for us to listen to a conversation with someone and not really hear them.  Sometimes  our minds wander off and we [...]

610, 2019

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is our inherent capacity to notice, in the present moment, all that we are experiencing with an open and non-judgemental attitude. John Kabat-Zinn who developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction approach defines it as: “paying attention in a particular [...]

1209, 2019

Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity

In August this year the Business Roundtable, a group of chief executive officers of nearly 200 major U.S. corporations, issued a statement with a new definition of the “purpose of a corporation.”The signatories include BlackRock Inc.’s Laurence Fink, Bank of [...]