Supporting your Personal Development

  • executive and life coaching;

  • 360 leadership development assessments;

  • personalized development plans.

Identifying your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them is fundamental to your personal development. Self-directed learning and responsibility are core principles at the foundation of our relationship.

I offer executive and life coaching, 360 leadership development assessments and personalized development plans which will support you in achieving your goals.

How our coaching works

We will build a strong collaborative partnership based on trust which will help you to identify your goals and objectives.
You can only control that which you are aware of. That which you are unaware of controls you and self-awareness empowers you. I will help you develop your self-awareness and responsibility for your actions which will encourage self-directed learning and growth.
I will work with you to identify any self-limiting beliefs which may be holding you back and help you develop strategies for overcoming these self-imposed constraints.

After our coaching:

You will have identified your goals and, most importantly, have developed an action plan to realise these objectives. You should also be in a position to make better decisions for yourself as your focus will be clear.

You will make better and smarter decisions and actions because by challenging you and encouraging you to think more deeply you will set the goals you really want.

You will be able to distinguish between what you ‘should’ be or want from what you actually really want for yourself. Once you have created your ideal goal, you will be much more likely consistently take actions to reach it.

Our Success

Companies that develop emotional connections with all their stakeholders.

Jon provided excellent assistance to the Guernsey Registry when we were refreshing our values, vision, mission and objectives.
The process involved Jon and the Registry working actively with external and internal stakeholders to understand their views on the Guernsey Registry. Jon assisted with devising a questionnaire, facilitating stakeholder focus groups in an inclusive manner with supporting follow up workshops to refine our values, vision, mission and objectives. Jon worked alongside senior staff to ensure the whole process was completed professionally and in a timely manner.
As a result of this work the Registry now has revised values, vision, mission and objectives which have buy in form a varied set of stakeholders

Mat Desforges, Guernsey Registry
The Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney worked through the Barrett Values Tool with Jon in 2017, Jon is an engaging and thoughtful facilitator who manages the big values based issues with care and compassion. I would highly recommend the service to anyone considering a review of their organisation culture and values
Kerstin Neason, Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney